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Skin and Soft Tissue Problems

Southwestern University College of Medicine

Problem-based and Distance Learning

September, 1999 to October, 1999


Practical Examination - Essay Examination


1. Differentiate skin and soft tissue tumor through drawing.

2. Skin lesions

2.1 Differentiate between acute and chronic skin lesions.

2.2 Differentiate between exanthem and non-exanthem.

2.3 Give the clinical cues for the following diseases:

2.3.1 Atopic dermatitis

2.3.2 Contact Dermatitis

2.3.3 Scabies

2.3.4 Psoriasis

2.3.5 Leprosy

2.3.6 Pediculosis

2.3.7 Skin Cancer

2.3.7 A. Melanoma

2.3.7 B. Non-melanoma

3. What is the most cost-effective paraclinical diagnostic procedures for 2.3

4. What is the most cost-effective treatment for 2.3

5. Give indications for:

5.1 Topical medications vs. oral medications in skin lesions

5.2 Cream vs. ointments

6. Prescribe medications for

6.1 Cellulitis

6.2 Scabies

6.3 Contact dermatitis

6.4 Pimples

7. Write a short referral letter for a patient with a soft tissue tumor.

PBL and Distance Learning in Skin and Soft Tissue Problems

Student's Outputs