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Skin and Soft Tissue Problems

Southwestern University College of Medicine

Problem-based and Distance Learning

September, 1999 to October, 1999


Practical Examination - Essay Examination

 Students' Outputs

Note: The practical-essay exam was given on October 20, 1999. All the students passed. They were asked to refine their answers by submitting a formal report through email.

Reynaldo O. Joson, MD

Diana Binoya

Glenda Caballero

Leevaneigh Digdigan

Ruben Gador

Herbert Libres

Lilibeth Macarine

Roland Madrona

Claudelle Montano

Eden Aurora Opay

Obriz Paglinawan

Louere Grace Paypa

Ronnie Dan Salazar

Karen Zarandona


Exam Questions

PBL and Distance Learning on Skin and Soft Tissue Problems

Answers to Learning Issues

Overview and Personal Perspective on the Health Problem

Hypothetical Patient Management

Evaluation -Written Objective Exam

Students' Evaluation of Course

End-of-Course Students' Assessment